erasmus+ ka1 - "diversity as an asset. the cultural approach to migration"

report & training materials

The training course has been included in "The whole school approach for integration of migrants" project implemented by Plevne Ortaokulu (Amasya, Turkey). It took place in Rome, by University of RomaTre, from 6th to 10th of May, 2019

Stefano Rota - Diversity as an asset. Versioni in italiano ampliata e rivista
Viene proposta una nuova versione in italiano, che sarà utilizzata in altri ambiti lavorativi
Diversity as an asset-ita.pdf
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Final report
A description of visits, classes and participants' feedback
final report.pdf
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Stefano Rota - Diversity as an asset. The cultural approach to migration
The presentation aims at discussing five terms and their interconnections: culture, identity, subjectivity, difference and interculture. The presentation followed a discussion about the specific situation that the participants face daily in their school
Diversity as an asset.pdf
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Susanna Monello - Tuttinclusi programme
The programme is implemented by the International Civil Service and presents a sound way of promoting social inclusion, focusing on migrants as subjects that can be active in organizing activities to ease the inclusion of others, rather than being seen as the ones that are uniquely interested by others' assistance.
Presentation_Tutti inclusi_SCI Italia.pd
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Angela Barlotti - A psychological reading of migration track and educational scenarios
It's always hard to define when the track starts and when it ends. The preparation of the event, the trauma of the trip and the endless interactions with the hosting country define a process that affects the subject in different ways: transcultural stress, social and cultural solitude, identity suspension, strategies to adopted to reduce their impact. The migrant is a subject with psychological effects that crisscross its social, educational and working life
presentation a psychological reading mig
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